KC Lash


Classic Lash Touch Up

- Jasline, 23 Sep 2018

Classic Lash

- Jasline, 09 Sep 2018

Volume Lash Extenstion

"Nice lash extensions done by Kerina! Will definitely come again. Thanks Kerina!"

- Jesslyn, 28 Jul 2018

Classic Lash

"“Thank you Kerina!” She is a such a sweet and nice lady! Enjoy the eyelash extension service and happy with the look!"

- Chris, 08 Jul 2018

Classic Lash Touch Up

- Natasha, 20 Feb 2018

Classic Lash

"Appreciate Kerina’s time on weekend to slot me in at the very last minute! No cny surcharge and she was attentive to my concerns ;) Thank you for my new set of lashes 😍"

- Natasha, 11 Feb 2018

Classic Lash

- Val, 11 Feb 2018

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