L'amour Cottage


Express Gel Manicure, Soak off for gelish

"Wendy is really nice and friendly . Second appointment but i will be back for more (: nicely done and loving it ."


Express Gel Pedicure

"Nice chatting with wendy, she friendly and nice lady. Love the colour and will go again to do pedicure."


Classic Gel Manicure

"Professional manicurists under L'amour Cottage! Extremely comfortable home based salon, ranging from entertainment to snacks offered! Provides very clear details on what products were used, and after care services were given! Definitely deserved a full 5 star for this!"

-Kai Ling

Classic Gel Manicure

"Just had my first manicure with Wendy. She is skillful and friendly. Thanks to her suggestions, I really liked how my nails looked now:)"


Classic Gel Manicure

"Wendy is very detailed and very affable..Really enjoyed getting my nail done by her.."


Classic Gel Manicure

"My first time with Wendy and I love my marble glitter nails! It’s affordable and she makes you feel very comfortable. Thank you Wendy for the beautifully drawn nails! I’ll be back again!"


Classic Gel Manicure

"Meticuluous and professional. Wendy is a nice lady and her nail art work is very good! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘"


Classic Gel Manicure

"My first time doing nails with Wendy and she's very friendly! Also, she's extremely meticulous in explaining each step while tidying up the nails. Superb service πŸ‘πŸ» Definitely coming back again!"


Soak Off for 3D

"very friendly and nice person! nails were beautifully done! πŸ‘"


Express Gel Manicure, Soak off for gelish


Express Gel Manicure Package

"Great service! Wendy is friendly and sociable 😊"


Classic Gel Manicure, French tip