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Korean 3D Eyelash Perming


Eyebrow Threading

"Nice lady and I like my eyebrows result. Pleasant experience!"


Korea BB Pearly White Foundation


Microdermabrasion facial


Korea BB Pearly White Foundation


Purifying facial

"Vicky the therapist was chatty and friendly. She does try to hardsell, but not too aggressive so long as I said I wasnt keen. I did end up getting this carbon laser ($30) on top though, cos she kept saying it was good and I decided to try. It’s not painful although the smell of carbon burning was rather a turn-off. She says it helps to reduce pores and maintain clearness up to one month. I’m not sure I can really see the impact but anyway I don’t regret as I decided to try myself.
The facial itself included: one softening wipe, then extraction, then massage and a mask. The extraction was quite clean although I would have preferred steaming but this doesn’t include it.
One thing is the walls are thin so you can hear practically everything going on around you. But I just zoned out generally."


Acne Scare Healing Treatment

"Environment still ok and clean, frankly speak i would prefer more detail, experience and honest beautician who can really cue my problem"


Korea BB Pearly White Foundation


Acne Scare Healing Treatment


Korean 3D Eyelash Perming

"Very pleasant experience. Would definitely go back again"


Korean 3D Eyelash Perming

"Place is small, but cosy. Staff was very friendly and entire process was very efficient. She didnt try to hard sell, compared to other salons i’ve visited and it made my experience very comfortable."


Acne Scare Healing Treatment