Lavond Skincare Artistry


Classic Facial treatments

Classic Facial treatments


Duration: 90 minutes

Complete with a relaxing foot wrap and relaxing aromatherapy head massage, choose from our 4 Classic Facials:

1) IPL Rejuvenate
Patented technology in Isreal, this treatment uses pulses of light that penetrates into the dermal layer of the skin without disruption to the epidermal layers. A safe and effective treatment to rejuvenate tired and dull looking skin.

2) Purity Facial
For skin with weak barrier that is prone to sensitivity and reactive to environmental stress. It alleviates redness, soothe the skin and strengthen the barrier system by improving moisture locking within the skin’s cells.

3) Perk Me Up
Wake up your skin's senses with pure oxygen sprayed on your skin together with a cocktail ampoule customised to your skin's condition.

4) Calming Sensitive Facial
Soothe your skin with this gentle facial for reddened and stressed skin. Customized treatment calms irritated skin that is constantly exposed to free radicals damage.

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