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Beauty professional specializing in eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extensions:)


Work Experience

10 years experience


Cancellation Policy

Flexible: Full refund, 24 hours before appointment.

Service Rules

Remove eye makeup before eyelash extensions"

Frequently Asked Questions

*How is the process like? *

Firstly, I will draw your eyebrows using eyebrow pencil to find a shape that matches your face & eyes. You can request to change the shape according to your preference. Once you are happy with the shape, I will apply numb cream on it, after 15min, I start to do embroidery for you.

* How long does it take? *

The embroidery process usually takes around 1 hour to complete.

* Is it painful? *

Firstly, it's pain-free, after 15min ,there will be a slight prick that feels like a small ant bite , it's bearable, don't worry

* Are there things I should do/avoid after the process? *

The area should not come in contact with water (especially swimming, sauna & facial) for 3-5 days following the embroidery. Unlike tattoo, embroidery is done on the 2nd layer of skin. Contact with water will cause it to peel faster & it will not last as long. Simply dab it dry if the area gets wet.

If your skin is sensitive, it is not recommended to consume 'poisonous food' like seafood & egg.

* Help! I have uneven patches on my new eyebrow embroidery *

Some of the colour may be uneven, not pigmented enough or the shape may change after a few days. This is a very natural and normal effect.

* Do I have to come back for touch ups? *

The embroidery is semi-permanent so customers will have to come back for touch up after 1 month. During this touch up, I will rectify the problems mentioned above.

* How long does the embroidery last? *

It usually lasts for up to 1-3 years, depending on how you care for it.

* If I have oily/pimple prone skin, will it affect the embroidery? *

The embroidery may fade faster on individuals with oily skin. If a pimple appears on the embroidery right after the process, the colour may not be pigmented on that area. This will be fixed during the touch up.

* What is the difference between embroidery & tattoo? *

- Eyebrow embroidery only fades away & will not turn green

- A tiny needle is used that does not go as deep into skin so pain is minimized

- Colour is deposited nearer to surface so it's semi permanent, lasting 1-3 years

- It looks more natural

Lili Eyebrow/Eyelash


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