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Classic Gel Manicure

- Jt, 29 Jan 2018

Express Gel Manicure

"I had the most lovely session with Fang.

She uses Japanese nail colours which she curated while travelling. It was super therapeutic seeing her dip her brush into the pot of richly pigmented colour. I liked solid colors and this sparkly blue was simple awesome. Understated but contrasting and outstanding.

She is very warm and friendly lady to chat with. It was definitely a lovely girly session while having my nails pampered and cared for. I'd definitely go back to her again!"

- Suet, 13 Apr 2017

Express Gel Manicure, Express Gel Pedicure, Gel Soak Off

"Always a happy experience with fang"

- Shawna, 24 Mar 2017

Nail Art

- LayPeng, 08 Mar 2017

Express Gel Manicure, Express Gel Pedicure

"Always a pleasure doing nails with fang"

- Shawna, 19 Jan 2017

Express Gel Manicure

"Fang was a lovely manicurist who has a comfortable home studio. I liked her color selection--she had the oxblood Martin color I wanted--and she did quick work. My soak off gel nails lasted 2 weeks and then started to chip a bit on the sides. The only thing I'd say is that once the gel grew out a bit, the edges of polish by the cuticle started catching onto things, but that can easily be fixed by a little filing and not applying the polish so close to the cuticle next time. Would love to revisit Fang for future manicures! :)"

- Lillian, 20 Nov 2016

Express Gel Manicure, Gel Soak Off, Classic Gel Pedicure

"Fang is personable and will customise bespoke nail designs for u based on your preference and needs."

- Florence, 11 Nov 2016

Gel Soak Off, [PROMOTION] Holographic Nails

"Had a great experience doing my manicure at Fang's. She was friendly and professional. Thanks for the nails!"

- Rachel, 04 Nov 2016

[PROMOTION] Holographic Nails

- Sherry Y, 07 Oct 2016

Soak off Acrylic, Gel Sculptured Extension, Nail Art

"I forgotten how many times I engaged fang fang service! Every service is special and different. Being a conservative OL, usually I will opt for all-time favorite and classic nail services. But this never stops fang fang to update me with the latest trend. That's why every nail session is different. I enjoyed being her friend, that's what I felt and we chatted anything under the sun. Thank you fang fang for the great work, positive attitude and great smile! I'm looking forward to our next appointment. 😉 👍🏻"

- Cass, 10 Aug 2016

Express Gel Pedicure

"I'm so pleased with her services. Friendly & polite. She has wide range of nail colors especially those bling bling and juicy pink range colors! These are my all time favorite and fang fang will ensure she has the trendiest nail color. Thumbs up! Thank you."

- Cass, 09 Aug 2016

Classic Gel Pedicure

"Friendly manicurist cum supermom of about to be 5 kids. Love her positivity. Cosy chair that I could possibly fall asleep within minutes. Highly recommended!"

- Melissa, 30 Jul 2016

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