Nail Artisan


Nail Art, Soak off, Gel Polish, Classic Gel Manicure

"Loved how paitient and meticulous she was! Christabel took the effort to explain every single detail as she did my nails. Definitely coming back to her again :)"


Nail Art, Classic Gel Manicure

"Bel is really very thorough with her nail prep and shares a lot of info about the whole gel manicure process."


Nail Art

"absolutely love my nails and I will be back to get a new set again! love!"


Nail Art, Classic Gel Manicure

"Had an amazing gel manicure experience with Christabel. She walked me through every step of the gel manicure and gave me tips on how to maintain healthy nails. Being a person who was afraid to do gel manicure initially, she took great care of my nails and totally changed my view of gel nails! I'm quite a perfectionist myself, and was at ease when I saw the effort and time she put into the manicure to ensure its of tip top quality and look. She constantly checks with me to ensure I'm satisfied with her work at every process."

-Ei Le

Nail Art, Soak off, Gel Polish, Classic Gel Manicure

"Awesome. I always go home with beautiful nails."


Nail Art, Soak off, Gel Polish, Classic Gel Manicure

"I felt very relaxed the moment I stepped into christabel's nail studio in her home. Clean, neat, and well stocked, she certainly put in lots of effort to do up her place. You can tell she's really customer oriented - serving a drink, asking if the aircon was too strong, having the TV switched on, laptop/ iPad on standby, and even offering to lend me her charger in case my battery runs low.

Christabel is also very skilled in her craft, able to draw thin lines and does proportion really well. I didn't give her the easiest task hehe! She often checks with me to ensure I'm happy with her work, and that I'm feeling comfortable.

Loads of good things to say about Christabel, do be prepared to give her the time she needs to care for and prettify your nails, because trust me, it's totally worth it! :)"


Classic Gel Manicure, Classic Gel Pedicure, Nail Art

"Loved the Color recommendation and combo. Her place is very cozy with nice ambience. She takes time to explain each step and ensures that you are comfortable with her service. Thoughtful and considerate - always putting customers' well being as top priority. A totally different experience from the mani and pedi you get from outside salons. :)"


Nail Art, Classic Gel Manicure

"I was a great experience in overall and will review on each aspect of it :

1) The environment - It was a very luxurious nail experience in a home base setting. The room was renovated with a classy feel, she has a selection of movies on a laptop for you to watch and also a PS3 in case your boyfriend tags along. She also offers you a drink when you first get seated.

2) Preparation of nails - Christabelle is a very detailed person when it comes to doing nails. Her emphasis on nail care and preparation was impressive. She will explain each step and educate you along the way as she prepares the nails. She's ready to answer any questions and I've certainly learnt more than 1 thing.

3) The nail art - She's knowledgeable with the latest trends and makes great colour recommendations. She's meticulous when it comes to each nail.

To summarise, it was a great experience and I look forward to my next with her!"


Nail Art

"Did a set of Harry Potter nails which she painstakingly amended until I was satisfied. A very pleasant experience and will definitely come back!"


Sculptured Gel Extensions

"Christabel was very patient and gentle. She explained every step that she did, so that I know what she was doing. She constantly check with me if I was okay, whether I like the design etc. What I love is her personalized service, her thoughtfulness in pampering me with drinks and magazines and even movies. Her place felt really homely with those comfortable chairs. Definitely a thumbs up experience!"


Hand Cleanse, Foot Scrub

"Belle is amazing. Her work is meticulous and she's the most pleasant person ever. Highly recommended."


Classic Gel Manicure

"Bel is a very thorough and extremely clean manicurist. She takes pride in her nail art creations and will make sure it is perfect before moving on. I especially loved the hand massage that she gives after!

I enjoyed my experience and her set up in her house made it feel as if I was at a spa! I would definitely be back for my next visit.

Great work Bel! :)"