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 Lipo laser Slimming treatment

Lipo laser Slimming treatment


Duration: 30 minutes

Lipo Laser Slimming treatment @S$68
What is Lipo Laser?
LipoLaser is a procedure that is non-surgical and uses laser beams to reduce fats in different parts of your body.

These include your waist, back, abdomen, arms, chin and thighs.

LipoLaser is a combination of the word liposuction and laser and adds to the list of the latest treatment procedures in an all growing list of laser lipolysis treatment.

LipoLaser allows you to attain your desired body contour and inch loss and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

According to health professionals, what is LipoLaser is the emission of low levels of laser beams help burn fat by instantly breaking down fatty cells in the targeted body part.

The LipoLaser procedure is a painless procedure that is way more advanced than traditional fat loss methods that require no needles or knives to help rid your body of fat.

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