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CO2 Skin Repair Treatment

CO2 Skin Repair Treatment


Duration: 90 minutes

Want to restore young, healthy and bright skin? The CO2 Skin Repair treatment is clinically proven to revitalize and renew skin with a youthful radiance. A special e-CO2 gel is used to generate CO2 when it is applied on the skin. The CO2 is effectively absorbed through the skin, reacting with water which in return increases the oxygen in the skin tissues. With more oxygen, cell metabolism is activated and tissue regeneration is accelerated. The process nourishes and hydrates skin while fighting signs of ageing with the use of Skin Regeneration Solution (SRS) serum.

• Dull / Uneven Skin Tone
• Congested Pores
• Acne-Prone Skin

• Stimulates cell regeneration and increases cell metabolism
• Increases skin's capacity to retain moisture
• Radiant and luminous skin

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