100  Min Meridian (BoJin) facial

100 Min Meridian (BoJin) facial


Duration: 100 minutes

100 Min Meridian (BoJin) facial $98 (UP$198)

When the meridian channels are block with toxins, it would reflect on the skin as acne, spots and wrinkles, enhancing circulation, radiance, tone, texture, and facial contours, while promoting inner Heath and well-being.

100 Min Package includes:
-Double cleansing
-Soothing masque
-Meridian (BoJin) treatment
-Drainage face massage
-Shoulder massage
-Concentrate masque
-Aftercare application

-Reservation required 2 days in advance
-Booking subject to availability
-Call outlet with name, date and time of reservation.
+65 67026328

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