75 Min Parafango Tummy Detox treatment

75 Min Parafango Tummy Detox treatment


Duration: 75 minutes

75 Min Parafango Tummy Detox treatment $98 (UP$168)

Does your body have these problem?
-Poor blood circulation, occasional numbing sensation
-Muscle aching
-Accumulation of toxins, when there is no perspiration
-Poor lymph circulation, caused by water retention
-Dry skin, dull tone, no shine
-Cellulite caused by slow metabolism
-Skin and muscle sagging due to lack of exercise.

Parafango has active principles softening your skin, leaving it silky and purified, the thermal effect helps muscles recover while soothing pain and inflammation. The heat dissolves fat molecules, activates blood circulation and stimulates toxin elimination, (First visit requires additional 15 mins)

-Reservation required 2 days in advance
-Booking subject to availability
-Call outlet with name, date and time of reservation.
+65 67026328

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