Venus Freeze Lipolysis Body Sculpt (Tummy)


Venus Freeze Lipolysis Body Sculpt (Tummy)

"Expected the procedure to be painful, but the pain and heat was actually very tolerable. Post-service results were visible as my stomach was smaller and a lot less bloated. Overall standard of service is also good!"


Imperial Herbal Moxa Liver Detox

"The massage helps to detox the body and after the massage really does feel the difference. The muscles are having less tension and more relax. There was quite a few procedures throughout the massage which I never experience before and quite an eye opener for me."


[VDAY DEALS] Imperial Herbal Moxa Ovarian Therapy

"Therapist was knowledgeable in explaining to me about the benefits of ovarian care, without hard selling tactics. Overall pleasant experience. Will be back again! Thank you Optimal Wellness."


Acne Rescue Facetherapy

"nice environment, very detailed consultation advise! thank u Merlyn! :)"