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Korean Eyelash Extension

"Great experience for a first timer. The process was comfortable and Debbie offered tips on how to take good care of the lashes. :)"

- Emily, 10 Mar 2018

Korean Eyelash Extension

"Friendly and good service! The lashes she used were very soft, recommended!"

- hweishyan, 18 Jan 2018

Korean Eyelash Extension

"Debbie was very skilful:) Lashes were very light! Unlike my previous extension which make my eye very itchy and discomfort."

- Soh , 02 Dec 2017

Korean Eyelash Extension

"shorter lash and fullest will be more ideal"

- Sophia, 23 Nov 2017

Korean Eyelash Extension

- ferlyn, 22 Nov 2017

Korean Eyelash Extension

"I absolutely love my lashes!! I’ve had very bad experiences in the past where I ended up with infections and horrible stinging pain during the lash process but when Debbie did my lashes, I did not feel pain at all albeit a tiny bit of stinging in my right eye because it is stupidly sensitive 🙄 but overall it was really comfy and I was at ease during the whole process! Debbie’s dog bun bun is also absolutely adorable and she is such a darling!! Will definitely recommend any west siders to come over and I’ll be back for sure :)"

- Ruth, 11 Nov 2017

Korean Eyelash Extension

- Man Ni, 30 Oct 2017

Korean Eyelash Extension

"Excellent service and very gentle. Glue does not stink eyes unlike some! Thanks Debbie!!"

- Priscilla, 08 Aug 2017

Korean Eyelash Extension

- Emily, 30 Jul 2017

Extension Removal

"Friendly and good service"

- Cindy, 14 Jun 2017

Extension Removal, Korean Eyelash Extension

- Fiona, 26 May 2017

Korean Eyelash Extension

"The glue used had no flumes and wasn't stinging to the eyes"

- Annie, 19 Feb 2017

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