I am a freelance nail artist that recently started a home based nail salon. I'm passionate about nails and will do my best to ensure that those who have tried my service is happy with the results!


Graduated with certification from U.S. based ONS Academy.

Taught by Jess Puan & Yoko Naito


Cancellation Policy

Flexible: Full refund, 24 hours before appointment.

Service Rules

Hi ladies, the following rules are in place so that we are able to understand each other clearly, thereby ensuring that our experience will be a pleasant and enjoyable one. Thus, please take some time to read through them.

1. Only 20 mins of grace period will be given. After which, it is deemed as a no show even if you show up after. Please note that this is strictly enforced. If you foresee that you will be late, please drop me a text at least half an hour before the appointment time or I will assume that there is no change. Please understand that I have a tight schedule and anything over the grace period will not be entertained. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated! 😄

2. Feel free to bring a female friend along with you. However, males are not permitted due to security reasons.

3. Services are only provided to ladies. 👭

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the nearest MRT?
A. Nearest would be Serangoon and Ang Mo Kio. As I live relatively in between both stations, an additional bus ride has to be taken to reach my place. Nearest bus stop is a 5 mins walk away.

Q. How long do gel nails last?
A. This depends on the individual's nail state and her daily activities. Normally, they should be able to last for 3 weeks with no issues.

Q. How much is nail art?
A. Nail art starts at $10 and depends on designs. You can send me a picture of the desired design and I will give you a quote base on it. Should there be anything added during the actual session, I will state the additional cost and there will be no hidden charges.



Hougang • Housecall (+$50.00)

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