Haircut by Princehairobsession

"Prince/The hairstylist has a really nice personality and it was nice talking to him. But haircut wise, he doesn't seem to be exceptionally good at it? Maybe he's better at colouring and not cutting. But basically my haircut done at his place felt quite amateur and the worst thing was that it's asymmetric. Wow, there's a weird long strand of hair poking out, which I have no idea why. When I told him about it nicely, he didn't apologise/there wasn't even a "Sorry", he simply just said he'll help me to make the adjustments. I definitely expected a "sorry" at least. So now I have to make a trip back to his place just to fix a small little blunder.... isn't it a BASIC step to check if everything is symmetric after you blow dry the hair after a hair wash???? He didn't even check. As a customer, I never ever need to ask a stylist to check my hair for symmetry. At least he offered to fix it so I guess that's the saving grace, along with his nice personality"


Haircut by Princehairobsession, Free Consultation On Hair Services

"Engaging to client. Detailed-oriented. Take consideration of client lifestyle and make appropriate changes to the style. Overall great service!"


Grey Root Retouch


Grey Root Retouch


Haircut at your convenience, Free Consultation On Hair Services

""Amazing" is the word that I should say about Price. Amazing service, amazing skill - he showed his professional style and advised a good recommendation for my hair. I really love my new haircut. Thanks."


Grey Root Retouch


Olaplex Full Treatment


Haircut at your convenience

"As Im having my confinement I was very happy to find this house call hair cut service on Vanitee!"


Haircut at your convenience

"It was my first time having a housecall haircut. Prince Bryan brought everything and made it hassle free for the haircut. All I needed was to standby a vacuum cleaner and we are good to go!

My hair cut was great! I loved that Bryan explained my head shape and how the hair will look shorter or longer and how the hairstyles that I've chosen suits me and don't suit me.

Finally we made our pick and I got very satisfying awesome cut!"



"His place is easily accessible just minutes away from the train station and bus interchange. Clean environment and great service provided by him. Awesome guy with knowledgeable experience with hair and i even booked another friend in together for the package."



"Prince had done a great job giving me a makeover. Was recommended by one of my friend to get my hair cut and color done by him as his price is really reasonable too!"