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Body Therapy

Back Massage

(Usual Price $380) A complete 3-in-1 revitalizing treatment to create a heavenly journey for your Body, Eyes and Ears wi ...

Warm Candle Massage

Aids lymphatic drainage and detoxification, this therapy relieves symptoms of excess gas - flatulence, bloating and indi ...


Anti Aging

A brilliant new launched age –reversal facial treatment that can be suited to any skin type to treat your specific con ...


Relax and unwind with this gentle facial, suitable for all skin types

This tension relieving, deep cleansing facial exfoliates and hydrates to give skin a healthy radiant glow.

(U. P $780) - A powerful and highly effective facial to boost cell regeneration and give 7X benefits to your skin! Our 7- ...

Oxygenating Treatment

Effectively removes excess sebum, impurities and dead skin cells, to give you a clear and radiant complexion.


Infused with vitamin-rich, mildly antiseptic pure rose water this refreshing facial maintains skin optimal pH level, soo ...

(Usual Price $590) A revolutionary face treatment that encapsulates high density moisture for the skin and specially for ...


This exfoliating treatment accelerate cell renewal and stimulates collagen production, to effectively refine pores, dimi ...

(Usual Price $180) This treatment effectively improves skin texture and tone by unclogging and refining open pores.

Ear Candling

A soothing, relaxing therapy that helps to detoxify and balance ear drum pressure

Eye Treatment

This Moisturising collagen eye mask treatment infused with crystal and gold, penetrates the skin to reduces the appearan ...

Moisturising cream mask prevents dryness around eye contour and reduces early signs of Ageing skin.

(Usual Price $ 180) Brighten your tired eyes! This traditional ancient Chinese medical treatment activates meridians poi ...


WORLD CLASS WATERLESS THERAPY 100% Waterless - With this fractional technology, shortened the traditional 2 hrs facial t ...

Firming/Lifting Treatment

WORLD CLASS WATERLESS THERAPY 100% Waterless - With this fractional technology, shortened the traditional 2 hrs facial ...


Moles, Tags & Pigmentation

Treatment to removes skin growth that look like small soft, balloons of hanging skin. Feel the difference, for a sexier, ...


Swedish Massage

Using soft, Long, kneading stories as well as light, rhythmic tapping to release muscle tension, reduce joint stiffness ...

Deep Tissue Massage

Infused with red wine, this relaxing massage eases muscle tension, promotes lymphatic circulation and reaps the antioxid ...

Brow & Lash


(Usual Price $180) - Our eyelash extensions using top grade quality product which are made of synthetic single fibre mat ...

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