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Service Guidelines & Standards

Every professional has the ability to enhance the way people look and feel about themselves. Great professionals create magical experiences for Clients fostering that lasting special connection with them. The secret to being a great professional lies in several key ingredients.

Here are Vanitee's Professional standards and how we envision working with high quality great Professionals like yourselves.

1) Accuracy

Stay truthful! As you build out your professional profile describing your work experience, credentials and showcasing your personal work portfolio. It is crucial that the information reflected is true. While sometime it may seem that bending the truth and undercutting others will help you get ahead, you will be much better off conducting yourself with honesty and integrity. Not only you will build a firm foundation for success, you will also find it easier to live with yourself during the day and sleep well at night!


- Photos: Add at least 3 photos
- Profile Description and Credentials/Work Experience: Be honest about your past work experience, skills, and expertise
- Service Listings and Description: Be accurate with your service offerings
- Service Rules: Set expectations of Clients in Service Rules
- Pricing: Set the right price by balancing your Client's expectations with your service offering and with similar professionals' offerings.

2) Commitment

Keep your word! Don't make commitments that you can't keep.You must honour a booking that you have received and avoid lateness. This is very important in building Client confidence and encourages more Clients to book your services and use our platform. More customers means more bookings for Professionals.


- Reschedule & Cancellations: Make any reschedules and cancellations officially online as promptly and early as possible
- Schedule: Check your schedule frequently and follow it closely to avoid lateness

3) Availability

Update your calendar to reflect accurate timings when your services are available for booking, thereby streamlining your communication efforts. Professionals who always keep their calendars up to date will receive more bookings than those who don't. Blocking calendar dates and setting your working hours prevents Clients from sending unnecessary enquiries.


- Calendar: Update your calendar every day
- Calendar: Block date/time you can't accept
- Working Hours: Set your working hours, lunch breaks. For specific dates, change the working hours whenever applicable
- Reservation Requirements: Enable Instant Book

Whenever you have any issues with your calendar, please do not hesitate to contact your Personal Assistant or email us at

4) Cleanliness & Safety

Lack of hygiene and safety standard while performing beauty & wellness services is a potential risk of many diseases and infections. Professionals have to be aware of such health hazards at all times to provide their services with the utmost care bearing in mind their Clients health and safety.

Service Tools

All tools should be constantly sanitized. There are million of places on your hands and feet where germs can enter, especially when removing skin and cuticle materials. Before the service begins the Professional should ensure that tools are cleaned before each Client's arrival.


Professionals must at all times keep their clothing, hands, and fingernails clean. Cover with an impermeable dressing for any infected, damaged or inflamed skin. Hands should be thoroughly cleanse by washing up to the wrist with soap or antibacterial cleanser before and after commencing each service with Clients. Also wash your hands immediately after using a toilet, using any handkerchief/nasal tissue or smoking.

When to wash hands:

(1) Before and after contact with each Client
(2) After contact with blood or body fluids
(3) After using a nasal tissue or handkerchief
(4) After smoking
(5) After going to the toilet
(6) Before and after eating
(7) After answering the phone or touching any potentially contaminated objects, and before returning to a Client

How to wash hands:

(1) First wet hands with running water, use liquid soap, then rub hands vigorously for a minimum of 15 seconds
(2) Wash hands all over, including
- Back of hands
- Wrists
- Between fingers
- Under fingernails
- Rinse hands well
- Pat dry hands thoroughly using a paper towel

Professionals should wear clean well-fitting single-use disposable surgical gloves if the Client is bleeding, has open lesions, skin infections, cuts/wounds. And if the Professional is handling blood-soiled items, body fluids, excretions, and secretions, as well as surfaces, materials, and objects exposed to them.

Professionals should not smoke while performing Client services because the Professional risks transferring bacteria from their mouth and nose onto their fingers and then to the Client, as well as providing a passive smoking hazard.

The Space

If you are operating at a shop or home-based location, ensure that your workspace are clean and organized. Showcase your space at its best to make the right first impression. Every little detail counts. Dust surfaces, empty dustbins, sanitise toilets, wipe mirrors, clean pillows, wash towels, and keep your space mildew-free. Organise your spaces to make them feel inviting and comfortable to your Clients.

Safety Plan

Accidents can happen, be prepared. All Professionals must have a procedures for dealing with Clients where accidental exposure to another Client's blood or bodily fluid occurs. Procedures should be place to deal with incidents where prolonged or unexpected bleeding occurs. It is essential for the Professional to have contact numbers for local and emergency services on hand.


- Service Tools: All tools should be constantly sanitized, and cleaned before Client's arrival
- Professional: Ensure hands are clean and sanitized performing a service
- Professional: Wear clean well-fitted disposable surgical gloves when dealing with open wounds, infections and fluids
- Space: Ensure workspace is clean and organized
- Space: Pay attention to the details. Dust surfaces, empty dustbins, sanitise toilets, wipe mirrors
- Safety Plan: Have procedures in place to deal with accidental exposures and situations with unexpected/prolong bleeding occurs

5) Pleasant

You have the ability to make someone's experience extra special! Show that you care about their experience by making them feel comfortable and relaxed. Not only do you make a Client feel good and give them their money's worth but most importantly, it makes the Client find you special enough to come back and enjoy your services for the long run.

Well-groomed and friendly

Make a positive impression by being well-groomed and having a pleasant and friendly disposition. Speak with Clients using clear and professional language.


Be aware and sensitive to clients moods and be flexible by adapting and responding to them. And if everything fails, use good old humour! Take into the consideration your Client's circumstances and needs and balance them with your own at any given moment. We are there to service others before we service ourselves.


- Well-groomed and friendly: Speak using clear and professional language
- Empathy: Be aware and sensitive to client's needs and moods

6) Amenities

Surpass Client's expectations and provide amenities during their service to make a good impression and provide clear value-add.


If you run a home-based service or shop-based service, have clean towels, bed sheets, soap, toilet paper, and toilets. These might be basic by some, but it makes all the difference.

Special Touches

- Get creative and make the experience extra special and personal for each Client!
- Offer them a beverage when a Client arrives. Find out their favourite morning beverage or evening brew so you know whether to offer coffee or tea, juice, alcohol, etc.
- Have the latest television shows, magazines, music or free wireless internet, to keep them entertained while enjoying your service.


- Necessities: Provide clean towels, toilet paper, etc.
- Special Touches: Add personalised items like specific beverages, television shows, magazines, music, wireless internet.

7) Quality

When a professional performs a service, it's not just a job but a craft. It is an artform that a Client experiences, and great professionals seek passionately to adopt the highest level of quality standards in their work and the development of their career.


- You are only as good as your last work! It is important to have a personal responsibility to maintain a high standard of work for every service you conduct without any misrepresentation of your training or experience
- To hone your craft, actively seek to update your knowledge and improve professional skills.
- Reflect on your own practice, read feedback from Clients and identify development needs and undertake relevant development activities. This could include course refreshers, further education classes, industry trend articles, etc.
- Everyone makes mistakes and has an ‘off day'. That's OK. But be willing to accept responsibility and be accountable for your professional decisions or actions. Welcome evaluation of your work and recognize the need when appropriate to refer to another professional specialist

Products and Tools

The standards of your services also extends to the products and tools that you use

Tools should not only be hygienic but also well-maintained. If broken, repair them before use on Clients. Replace old tools periodically, especially when it begins to dull, damage, fray, rust or corrode.

Care should be taken to ensure that all products used on Clients are in good condition, not expired and are procured from reliable sources. Professionals must maintain the integrity of the products and materials produced, sold and/or used in the provision of their professional services.


- Skills - Maintain high standards of work all the time
- Skills - Evaluate your performance and seek ways to improve
- Products and Tools - Replace old tools periodically
- Products and Tools - Products used are in good condition and acceptable for consumption

8) Review

Honest reviews are the backbone to creating trust in our community marketplace. Leave a review for your Clients within 2 weeks of your service.


- Leave a guest a note of thanks in appreciation for patronizing your services
- Professionals and Clients have 30 days to write a review. If you review a Client and hope for them to review you too, reach out to remind them that there's a time limit


- Constructive feedback helps identify areas of improvement and gives good guidance to people
- Criticisms are hard for anyone to swallow, so address your Clients with respect and kindness. Maintain professionalism when you convey your thoughts and give concrete examples to support any feedback that you have
- If you received a low review, you are welcome to share your side! When you respond to reviews about you, your comments will appear directly below that review


- Compliments: Review Clients within a day
- Compliments: Remind Clients to review you if you would like them to
- Complaints: Maintain professionalism and address with kindness, giving concrete examples