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Skosk Beautique was founded by a passionate lady who likes to doll herself up as well as helping others around her look beautiful and feel confident. Her passion for the beauty service industry set off in 2004. She was inspired by the experience of entering the working world and the understanding the importance of one’s presentation. She believes that an image can convey impression of one’s background and personality type. This motivated her to pursue an education in the beauty and spa industry.

Skosk Beautique is a one-stop solon providing all beauty services such as: nails, mani-pedi, facials, waxing, lash and brow grooming, threading, embroidery, and makeup services. Located in one of Asia’s top university – National University of Singapore (NUS), it brings convenience to the busy working class members by saving them time from visiting different beauty parlours to satisfy different beauty needs.

Work Experience

Started in 2004 as a freelance makeup artist. Continued to upgrade and widen scope in beauty services by venturing in nail, facial, massages, waxing, eyebrow and eyelash grooming. She has worked with experienced hotel spas as well as neighborhood spas.


👁💋👩 Diploma of Completion in Semi-permanent Embroidery by Allonge Wellness Technical College Korea
👱🏻‍♀️ITEC Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Specialist
💅🏻ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology
💋ITEC Level 4 Award in Micro-Pigmentation Treatment
👁ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Eyelash Extension
🛀🏻WSQ Advanced Certificate in SPA Services
👱🏻‍♀️WSQ Certificate in Beauty Services
🗣WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)
👄Diploma in Professional Makeup from School of Makeup


👄2016 Worldwide Permanent Makeup (PMU) Festival Excellence Award
🥉2018 Asiatic Beauty Skill Competition Bronze Award


Cancellation Policy

Flexible: Full refund, 24 hours before appointment.

Service Rules

We are open Mon-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-7pm. Closed⛔️on all Sunday. We are open on Public Holidays except Christmas, NY & CNY.
Please be❗️punctual❗️as service duration may be shorten or downgraded for lateness. More than 30 minutes late without any notification will be deemed no show and 100% of the treatment fees will be charged. Strictly no appeal will be entertained.
Your booking is confirmed instantly unless we call 📞or SMS 📱you on any changes needed.
All our services required 1 day advance booking and Vanitee calendar only show 1 slot booking, if you require immediate or few hours advanced appointment or you don't see the availability of the slot you prefer, do give us a call and we may be able to arrange for you.
We emphasize on the quality of our work and do not rush through our services, hence do take note on the duration needed and read through the requirements stated in the listing and Q&A section before making any appointment. Thank you.😍
Note: NUS card holder - NUS rate is not applicable for direct Vanitee booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

🔴How do I get there?
At Clementi road:
33, 96, 151, 183, 196, 563.
At NUS High School:
188,189, 196
97, 197, 198, 963
Kent Ridge MRT, take NUS internal free shuttle bus D2. Alight at University Town.
Clementi MRT, take bus 96 from interchange. Alight 3rd bus stop in front of Yale-NUS college
Entrance from Dover road, opposite New Town Sec School. Turn right enter entrance gantry, drive pass Yale-NUS college. Continue driving to Stephen Riady Center car park.

We are located #01-09 behind Guardians pharmacy and our entrance is facing the green field.

🔴Is there parking nearby?
🔵Yes, park at Stephen Riady Centre building
Operating hours:
8.30am to 7.30pm (Weekdays)
Parking rates:
• $0.0214/min during operating hours
• Free parking on Saturday

🔴How is the environment like?
🔵Unlike other HDB or shopping mall salons, we are located in a school campus🏤. Our environment is cosy facing greenery with a homely deco, smoothing music 🎹background and a relaxing 🏞fragrance lingering in the air.

🔴How long do the gel nails💅🏻last?
🔵The gel nails last about 3-4 weeks depending on your lifestyle.

🔴Do you do custom designs?
🔵Yup! Send a pic 📸of the design and we can explore!

🔴What other services do you provide?
🔵We are a one stop beauty salon🏠. Our range off beauty service include manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing, sugaring, threading, eyelash extension, eyelash tinting, eyebrow tinting, eyelash perm, eyebrow, eyeliner and lips embriodery, IPL, makeup etc

🔴What are the type of facial treatment you provide?
🔵Our facial is break down to 2️⃣main type - maintenance facial and treatment facial. Maintenance facials are using V10+ products from Japan. This is suitable for client who just wants a general cleaning and pampering of their skin. There are 30mins, 60mins or 90mins services depending how wide the coverage you prefer.
Treatment facials are target for client who is looking for solution to improve a particular skin condition they faced such as acne problems, dull or uneven skin tone, fine line wrinkles skin, sagging skin, sensitive skin etc. We use Dr Renaud skin care products from Canada. The products are paraben, synthetic perfumes, mineral oil, alcohol and formaldehyde free.

🔴Do you do Brazilian waxing? What type of wax do you use?
🔵Yes we do Brazilian waxing for ladies🚺 only. You can opt to wax the crack area too. We use hard wax for sensitive area waxing. We practice strict hygiene care. All tools are properly sanitize and no double dipping of spatula policy.

🔴Do you do sugaring hair removal?
🔵Yes we have sugar paste for hair removal. We use premium sugar from Hungary and Germany. It's good for people with sensitive skin, heat 🌋intolerance and ingrown hair.

🔴What are the type of eyelash extension you do?
🔵We do 3D type which is 1 fake lash to 1 real lash & 6D Russian/Taiwan volume. We do not count the strand, whatever can stick, will stick. We have range of curl J, B, C, D, length 8️⃣-1️⃣4️⃣mm, thickness 0.03-0.15.

🔴What's the eyelash extension procedure and duration?
🔵Please come for service 🚫without eye makeup and contact lens. Estimated 2 hours duration.
We start with 1 eye first, lower eyelashes are tape down with eye mask. During the service, please avoid 🚫too much movement and close 🙈your eye throughout as sharp 🗡tweezers are used and the adhesive glue fume may sting. After completion, a hand held fan will place near your eye to fan dry the adhesive.

🔴How long does the eyelash extension last?
🔵3 to 4 weeks or more depending how good you take care the lashes. 🚫No water, steam & 🏊🏻‍♀️at least first 4 hours. 🚫No rubbing the eyes 🙈, use non-oil base makeup removal, gently cleanse using sponge, 🚫no mascara, 🚫no sleep facing down etc...if follow these practices religiously, your lashes can last longer than the guideline.

🔴What is eyebrow/eyelash 👁tinting? How long it last? What are the colour available?
🔵It's to dye your brow/lash. Avoid washing tinting area with cleanser, it can last estimated about a month. We have pure black, graphite, blue black, chestnut, natural brown, light brown. These are not hair colour dye. They are tinting colour safe for eyelash and eyebrow.

🔴Do you do eyelash perm👀? How long it last?
🔵Yes we do eyelash perm👀. It last you about 1 month. Some feedback it last 3 months. Opt for Eyelash Lift for a more natural curl using premium products & tools.

🔴Is embroidery painful?
🔵We use numb cream and latest machine that's almost no pain.

🔴How's the embroidery procedure like?
🔵We will do a consultation first to understand your requirements. Then shape according to your face feature and preference. Once the shape is agreed, numbing cream will be applied and leave on for at least 15-30mins. After embroidery, healing cream will be applied.

🔴What is the pre-care for embroidery?
🔵Come without ✖️makeup on those area to be treated. Remove contact lens for eyeliner embroidery. For lips, ensure there's no mouth ulcer or blisters. Drink 🍵more herbal tea. Come with a relax 🛁mind.

🔴What is the post care for Embroidery?
- keep the wound dry and avoid contact with water💧
- soak cotton pad in boiled water or saline solution or distilled water. Squeeze dry and clean the embroidered area.
- apply healing cream every 2-3hrs until wound heal
- for lips embriodery, avoid🤐 hot, spicy🌶, seafood🍤, smoking🚭, alcohol🍺, staining food sauce for at least a week.
- avoid applying skin care products that has whitening properties on the embroidery area for more lasting color.

🔴Do you do house call 🏡?
🔵Yes as long as the service is more than S$💯 per trip (max 2 pax) before any promo code discount exclude transportation fees. Transport fees at $50 & surcharge at $30.
Services limited to gel mani,sugar,eyelash perm,tinting,eyelash extension,face thread. May not able to provide house-call 🏡for all location & festive period. Please📞us for more details before any booking.

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