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Semi-permanent extension using 3-6 (0.05-0.07mm) lashes attached to your natural lash one at a time.

Unlimited strands from natural to volumize, you define the look you want.

Great for short or sparse or thin lashes as it create volume to your lashes. Even if the lash drop it will not give a pocket of space, just swipe the side lashes to cover up.

Available length 8-10mm, 10-12mm
Available curl C, D
Available thickness 0.07mm
FOC collagen eye mask and aftercare kit.

FOC removal (done by us) for return service exclude those done under promo.

Come without eye makeup and contact lens.

Lash spa to deep cleanse the lash, hydrate eye area and massage to relax eye +$10
Refill of lash (within 14 days, no more than 50% drop) +$30
Removal of lash done by others +$15.
Colour eyelash +$30.
Lower eyelid eyelash extension +$20.

Skosk Beautique



Skosk Beautique was started by a passionate lady who since young likes to doll herself and helping others around her to look beautiful and confident. She started her passion in the beauty and SPA profession in Year 2004. Like any young adults stepping out into the working world, she began to like the experiences and the importance of dressing up herself. She believes that an image can convey impression where one has been, and the type of personality one carries with her. This became a starting ground to her continuing education in beauty and SPA profession. Her one-stop beautique provide all beauty services like nails mani/pedi-cure, facial, waxing, lash and brow grooming, threading, embriodery and makeup services. This one-stop service is especially important since the parlour is located in Asia number 1 university – National University of Singapore NUS. It brings convenience t ...


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