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Germany 🇩🇪 Nano-resin Teeth Whitening

Germany 🇩🇪 Nano-resin Teeth Whitening


Duration: 240 minutes

The latest beauty dental technology

🔥The safest way to practice🔥
👏no grinding of real teeth
👏no tooth acid
👏do not fall off, use medical grade dental filling materials - nano resin
👏evenly attached to the teeth surface
👏Germany ingredients

🔥Why you need it🔥
👏smile with confidence
👏instantly remove smoking, sauces, coffee/tea stain
👏immediately whiten and can make teeth looks neater
👏save you time doing home care whitening
👏save you $ repeatedly visiting dentist
👏last 3-5years
👏add diamond for a more sparkle touch, no other whitening can do it!!!

Price is per tooth. Min 12 teeth. Max 16 teeth.

For a more extraordinary sparkle touch, add $100 for a diamond attachment.

Client has to visit dentist to remove surface tartar, check and repair sign of decay at least 1-2 days before the service.

Client must be more than 16 years old and must not have gum disease, teeth inflammation, teeth infection etc.

Not sure you are suitable to do, book us for a free consultation and no obligation test trial first.

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