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Melting String Lifting Treatment

Melting String Lifting Treatment


Duration: 75 minutes

Melting string & TDN skin lifting treatment. Using Korea #1 brand treatment kit.

This treatment kit contains TDN (Transfer Double Nanosphere) technology. Active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, PPC, peptides and various acids are encapsulated in nano-sized vehicles to travel down the lipid, protected from external forces such as temperature and different PH levels. It is designed to burst out t specific pH levels according to different needs.

Advantage of TDN:
- capsulize wanted materials
- no damage to epidermis
- active ingredients absorb into the skin without needle
- time release capsules effect
- non invasive treatment
- safe and stable penetration
- no downtime

Benefits to skin:
- immediate facial lifting effect
- immediate pore tightening effect
- increase dermis density and skin elasticity after 4 weeks
- whitening and fairer skin
- adds hydration, radiance and glow to the skin

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