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Neville Ultimate Uplifting Hydro Treatment

Neville Ultimate Uplifting Hydro Treatment


Duration: 60 minutes

Neville Ultimate Facial Uplifting Hydro Treatment is enriched with powerful active ingredient Ameliox, which is a powerful combination of carnosine and the milk thistle compound silymarin that stops the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. And another patent ingredient Dragosine, which is an anti-aging peptide for boosting up collagen synthesis to create youthful and glowing skin. This promotes tissue repairing and effectively diminishes fine lines and wrinkles on face. At the same time, it can uplift facial contour and tighten loosened skin for long.

- maintain skin elasticity by fighting glycation
- reduce wrinkles and lines
- increase skin firmness
- fill up fine lines and wrinkles
- help restore skin elasticity
- uplift loosened facial contour

Add $50 for RF machine to double up the efficacy

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