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Organic Sugaring SPA Waxing

Organic Sugaring SPA Waxing


Duration: 60 minutes

Our organic sugar is draws from an ancient recipe that is modernized to create a high quality sugar wax that is safe, hygienic and easy to use. Concocted with all natural ingredients, our sugar wax offers a more gentle and comfortable waxing experience. As the sugar ingredients dissolve in water, it is extremely natural and easy to clean up after. The sugar wax does not adhere to the wet live skin cells, thereby exfoliating only the dead skin cells and removing unwanted hair. The end results – less discomfort, softer and smoother skin and longer lasting results; a sure-shot recommendation for people with sensitive skin, facing ingrown hair concerns and sensitivity to heat.

Our branded organic sugar paste is from Germany and Hungary.

Sugaring SPA waxing price start from $18 depending which body parts (no more than $88). Please call or pm to enquire.

Reviews from clients who tried sugar hair removal said hair grow slower and more fine as compared to traditional wax.

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