Starry Beaute



"Loved her attention to detail and her patience in answering my questions. Even prior to our appointment, she made the effort to give me some tips to better help my skin.

Thank you and I look forward to more sessions with you in the near future. :)"


Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

"It’s my first time doing lash lift and i’m super impressed with Janice. She’s really approachable and attentive, and has the mindset of putting herself in her customers’ shoes:) I love my lashes! :D"


Keratin Lash Lift Enhancement


HOTtest - Korea Watershine BB Glow


Signature BB Glow Treatment


Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

"Came back here again to do lash. Was really statified with the result. Thank you Janice for the good work. Will be back here"


Miracle Whitening Moz w LED Light Treatment

"happy to be back here again!!!!!"


Korea Watershine Covered BB Glow

"It was an great experience with Starry Beaute. Janice was so knowledgeable and well profession trained. I truely believe in going for certified beautician. Does'nt mean cheap stuff mean good and really beware of some shop using china product which is not certified as I personally experience it and have a super bad experience which causes my face to outbreak terribly till i needed see a skin specialist to recover. After discovering Janice who is a well trained and certified beauty techinician from korea i decided to give a try. She really did a great job and using top qulity authentic product that really make me felt impressed. Her price was reasonable as well and she didn't even upsell, which i feel so comfortable. I truely enjoy my process been with her and she been friendly. Looking forward to the next treatment with her again. Thank for the drink and after care instruction."


Signature BB Glow Treatment

"Janice is very patience. Explained every steps before she does anything. My face is brighter after first bb glow treatment with her. Will observe further and will book another session with her soon!"


Signature BB Glow Treatment

"She was very patient in explaining the process and even gave me more tips on how to maintain it better.
It was painless as described and no downtime at all.
Its been 3 days since the treatment and the results have definitely been better"


Korea Watershine Covered BB Glow


Signature BB Glow Treatment

"Upon seeing many reviews decided to gve starrybeaute a try and true to it reviews.

She very super friendly and professional service and carefully analyse skin conditions before she proceed each steps.

Worth for revisiting. Will definitely come back for more. Thankyou"