Starry Beaute


Korea Watershine Covered BB Glow

- Elisa, 23 Mar 2018

Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara, Lash Extensions Removal

- Keira Agnes, 19 Mar 2018

Keratin Lash Lift Enhancement

"Really nice to do a touch up for me despite my lashes fall after a week. But after touch up, within a week my lashes drool again. Not too sure why are my lashes really that stubborn."

- Apple, 17 Mar 2018

Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

"Janice was very patient and she explained every step. No hardselling too. 也很见谈!"

- Lilian, 01 Mar 2018

Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

"excellent service .had an enjoyable session with janice .highly recommended"

- kate, 23 Feb 2018


"Wanted to try out this popular facial treatment from Korea, ever since I read about it awhile ago. Janice is skillful yet gentle, and it was as painless as promised! Even though it was just one session, you can definitely see the hint of glow in your skin as the serum takes effect on your skin. Despite the scary perceptions of skin-clogging, the BB serum is apparently really good for your skin! Lastly, Janice was really friendly and her approachable personality makes one feels extremely at ease, like having a facial done with your girlfriend. (:"

- Audree, 22 Feb 2018


"Janice was very responsible and made sure her customer is happy before leaving. I did the lashes keratin with mascara. First time wasn’t successful and unconditionally she did another round of treatment to make sure the effect is achieved. Highly recommend to ladies

who does not want to splurge and still gets reasonable beauty treatments."

- SYlvia, 21 Feb 2018


"Pleasant experience. Janice was very friendly, patient in explaining the various steps and helpful in providing tips for post-treatment. Thumbs up! =)"

- Cheryn, 18 Feb 2018


"Janice was very friendly and made the effort to inform me on every step of the treatment. Enjoyed the whole process. :)"

- Jasmine, 14 Feb 2018

Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

"Janice was super nice and careful when doing my lashes. She made sure to explain each step before doing them. Didn’t even realized 75 mins past! Thanks Janice for doing my lashes for me. Great service. Thanks Janice!❤️"

- Grace, 11 Feb 2018

2 PAX - Keratin Lash Lift Enhancement

"Thank you Janice for the wonderful service rendered. My lashes look longer now.Love it! Will definitely recommend to my friend."

- Caryn, 04 Feb 2018

Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

- TIff, 03 Feb 2018

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