Starry Beaute


Signature Korea BB Glow Treatment

"Janice was extremely warm and friendly. Her knowledge on Korea facial treatment is up to date too. My facial treatment was pleasant and I enjoyed it very much!
Impeccable service!"

- Angeline, 19 Jul 2018

Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

- Suzanne, 15 Jul 2018

Spa Derma Mud Treatment

"Excellent service once again! The mud treatment allows my face to feel fresh and oil-free after the session which lasted till my day ends. Highly recommended as Janice is detailed in ensuring quality at its best."

- Warren, 08 Jul 2018

Diamond Peeling Facial

- Cynthia, 06 Jul 2018

Ultrasonic Facial (Skin Renewal)

"back here again with a Happy skin!"

- Hitomi, 04 Jul 2018

Diamond Peeling Facial, Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

"Janice was really nice and recommended me a more suitable treatment compared to the one I chosen initially. Extraction was extremely gentle as well! Lash lift was great but the semi perm mascara was a little too sticky for my liking. It dries up after an hour or 2 though."

- Szehui, 02 Jul 2018

Express Facial

"Thanks for the facial"

- Ferrena, 01 Jul 2018

Keratin Lash Lift Enhancement

- Suwen, 27 Jun 2018

Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

"Thank you for the wonderful service done none other than the lady boss herself! She not only removed my lash extensions which was done elsewhere patiently, she also offered to trim my brows before helping me with the lash lift and semi permanent mascara. I love how curl up my lashes are now ! The volumizing mascara instantly enhanced my eyes too, making them bigger, darker and brighter. Yayyy to taking minutes off my daily make up routine! Thank you Janice for making me pretty again!!! :)"

- Sandy, 20 Jun 2018

Diamond Peeling Facial, Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

"A nice experience with Janice!! The extraction was totally pain free. No hard selling of her packages. Would strongly recommend !"

- emily, 15 Jun 2018

Ultrasonic Facial (Skin Renewal)

"Finally get to try out Starry Beaute new treatment from Korea. As always I'm impress by the great service provided by Janice. Loving this skin renweal treatment. my skin feel so firm and tight (v-shape) after the session. i feel my skin is so much better now. this treatment is really amazing I will be back soon for this again!"

- Hitomi, 21 May 2018

2 PAX - Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

"Janice is very patient, she would tell you what she going to do during the procedure to make you feel comfortable and explain when asked about it. Even after completion, she was still very patient with our enquires about my lashes. Totally recommend!! *Just FYI to all, Lash lift results varies with own lashes!"

- Winnifred, 20 May 2018

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