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Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara

Keratin Lash Lift w Semi Perm. Mascara


Duration: 75 minutes

Keratin Lash Lift Treatment w Semi Permanent Mascara

Keratin Lash Lift is an amazing Eyelash Enhancement Treatment that gives you the perfect natural look. This is done by lifting and protect your lashes from the root , giving you an illusion of length, volume and curl which last up to 12 weeks.

Your lashes will be tinted and darken with pigment infusion keratin nourishing and conditioning with coats to protect the lash from damaging and giving them with a more healthier and glossy look.

*Embracing with semi-permanent eyes make up look upon waking up.

Semi-Permanent Mascara is a revolutionary lash coating specially formulated to increase volume and length to your eyelashes that helps to stay on your lashes for up to 4 weeks.

This is the latest craze in the world of eyelashes. Started in Australia and getting very popular now across US and Europe. - Smudge Proof & Water Proofed

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