Classic Manicure

"Very friendly and excellent service even through I’m using promo. Very pleased with the nails."

- Eugenia, 17 Aug 2018

Classic Gel Manicure

"Thank you for the pretty nails again!"

- Huizhen, 13 Aug 2018

Classic Gel Manicure

"Very detailed and friendly manicurist!"

- Gloria, 07 Aug 2018

Express Gel Pedicure

- Shi, 07 Aug 2018

Classic Gel Manicure

"Never fail to surprise. I let photos do the talking."

- Ruthanne, 06 Aug 2018

Classic Gel Manicure

"good service. value for money"

- Anna, 01 Aug 2018

Classic Gel Manicure

- Jeannie, 27 Jul 2018

Classic Gel Manicure

- Elizabeth, 17 Jul 2018

Express Gel Manicure

"super detailed as usual even if it’s for an express mani! she doesn’t cut corners and always delivers."

- Huixian, 22 Jun 2018

Classic Gel Pedicure + Footlogix Callus Treatment

- Joanne, 01 Jun 2018

Classic Gel Manicure, Soak off (Return customers)

"Thank you Stella for the pretty nails again! Nails will always last for at least 5 weeks."

- Huizhen, 26 May 2018

Classic Gel Mani & Pedi

- Huizhen, 26 May 2018

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