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Welcome to The Beauty Star. The Beauty Star does not only reflect the feature of beauty, but of brightness which has a great power of influence.
We believe everyone wishes to become a person that is full of confidence, beauty, elegance and wisdom, just like a star that always shines. But most of the time, due to lack of knowledge and ‘bridge’ (way), we may innocently creating an unpleasant appearance or impression towards others. Therefore The Beauty Star is here to groom you to become a better person from inside out. Through the beauty related services and etiquette training, you will not only live in more confidence, but can win trust from others! We are able to provide you a 1 Stop Solution from top to toe and from inside out! 


Work Experience

In the industry since 2007


Certificate in etiquette proficiency trainer
Diploma in beauty in therapy & makeup
Diploma in business studies


Service Rules

Please come in bare and cleanse face. Preferably with button top.

Do let me know should you have any skin sensitive issue.
Chat with me after you've booked for facial appt as you'll be entitled for:
• special discount for full facial treatment
• special discount for eye treatment
• free shoulder massage
• free eyebrow shaping
• free nutri cafe fit

Nails service:
Do send me your preferred design if you have any.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Brands of products use.
A: Dr Keith Chrysler

Q: How often should I come for one session?
A: Preferably every 3 weeks

Bridal makeup:

Q: Housecall charges before 6am.
A: From $20 onwards. Do chat with me for more information. Minimum service fee for housecall is $120 and above. If it is lesser than $120, please come to the Salon to enjoy our service!

Q: Makeup safe for sensitive skin?
A: Yes

Q: Additional charges for second march in?
A: Depends on your wedding session.

The Beauty Star


Clementi Park • Housecall (+$20.00)

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