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I had more than 6 years of experience in professional eyebrows embroidery industry.
Being a strong advocator of complete beauty and latest industry technology trend.
I’m able to understand and anticipate individual customer unique needs, develop solutions and recommendations that will exceed a customer expectations.

Work Experience

I have more than 6 years of experience in professional eyebrows embroidery industry.


Asia TOP outstanding enterprise 2014


Cancellation Policy

Moderate: Full refund 72 hours prior to appointment.

Service Rules

Please come without make up
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we determine which eyebrow colour and style to use?
Our professionals determine the best eyebrow colours and style for you depending on your hair colour, skin tone, character and personality. We will draw two recommended eyebrows for you to choose and discuss your choice before making a final decision.

2. Is eyebrow embroidery painful?
Prior to the procedure, we will apply numbing cream to the area. During the process, slight scrapping sensation maybe felt. This varies with individuals and there will be another round of numbing in the middle of the procedure to make sure that you have a 100% painfree experience.

3. How is an embroidery procedure perform?
During the initial stage of embroidery, our technician will prepare the eyebrow area. This may include cleaning the brows and plucking them into the desired template shape. Numbing cream is then applied to reduce the sensation of pain during the procedure. Once the numbing cream takes effect (20-30mins), our technician will start to embroidery. The entire process takes about an hour and half to complete.

4. How Long does eyebrow embroidery last?
Last for 3-5 years but will vary depending on the level of care and your daily lifestyle.

5. How should you care for the new brows?
Avoid washing the treated area for the first 24hours after the treatment.

6. What to take note after eyebrow embroidery?
Avoid brows from touching water or excessive sweating. Pat dry your brows if your brows are sweaty and after washing your face.

7. Are there any hidden costs for consultation?
The brow & beauty boutique takes pride in being upfront and professional. There are no hidden costs for your free consultation. We will analyse, discuss and give you a quote. You may decide from there.

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