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Micro-Blading Embroidery

- Melvina, 20 Oct 2018

Eyebrow Threading

- j, 01 Sep 2018

羽绒毛(Feather Stroke Brow Embroidery)

"Tiffany was very experienced and made me feel comfortable while doing the service. She was also very skillful and able to design the brow according to your face shape.

The feather stroke brow embroidery is a technique that has a natural feel and look when completed, suitable for guys and girls alike.

Although it was a home studio, it was very clean and well maintained. Would recommend her to anyone thinking of having a brow makeover"

- Scott, 11 Aug 2018

Micro-Blading Embroidery

"Great experience! Tiff’s service was professional and she really listened to your requests before giving advice from her experience. Being very picky about my brows, I am not an easy person to please but Tiff was accommodating and made me very comfortable in leaving my brows in her hands."

- Paul, 05 Aug 2018

Micro-Blading Embroidery

"The place is easily located by bus transport. Environment is very peaceful and clean. Tiffany was very prompt with my enquiries when I was facing problems booking on the Vanitee app. She is very patient and was able to deliver excellent service based on my request on how would I like to customize the brows. Thank you so much, Tiffany and The Brow Lab!"

- Jane, 04 Aug 2018

Eyebrow Threading

"Wonderful first brow threading experience:)"

- Michelle, 28 Jul 2018

Misty Eyebrow

"Very patient and accommodating to all my needs! I love my brows! Thank you Tiffany☺️☺️"

- Shuyi, 27 Jul 2018

Micro-Blading Embroidery

"Hi to all Ladies,


I paid and booked an eyebrow embroidery session with The Brow Lab. When I arrived at Tiff’s apartment, Tiff evaluated my eyebrows. Tiff highlighted to me, ONLY UPON MY ARRIVAL, that I needed to pay more monies for her to concoct a different eyebrow color for me.

I questioned about the price of the package and shouldn't the cost of mixing eyebrow colors be included in the package, which in all words of honesty, within market convention ; it is such. All eyebrow embroidery services will include the services provided + the mixing of colors + gel applications.

Tiff replied the package is only meant for 1st-timer who has no base color. Curious and inside my heart, PRIOR TO MY APPOINTMENT with Tiff, I have had a series of whatsapps texts with Tiff, and Tiff specifically WAS AWARE I had done eyebrow embroidery before, and had base colors. Then why did Tiff not mentioned anything about the extra costs right from the start, during my whatsapps with her.

Tiff quoted a whopping S$200 for the so-called mixing of colors which in all words of honestly, it’s not like I had the luxury of seeing how she mixed the colors, and the unique concoction she came up with. I rejected the price and told Tiff it was outside my budget.

Strangely, Tiff then queried gently what's my budget then. I replied reluctantly I’m still able to cough out up till S$250 for all-in. Note that I've already paid for my original package at S$158.

I don't want to lose my point here, as this is extremely critical to note how Tiff took advantage of my extended budget after I disclosed to her, that Tiff started building her costs in the most dishonest means. Original package S$158 Mixing of colors S$80 Gel for post application S$15 = S$253

Considering this is my 3rd time doing eyebrow embroidery in Singapore and Malaysia, and I’ve many friends who did eyebrow embroidery before, I myself have also done enough market researches to know ; there are no such nonsense where patrons are required to pay extras for mixing of colors and gel applications.

After an hour or so, my eyebrows are completed and before leaving her apartment, Tiff kept pestering me on how to “checkout”. I explained I’m a first-timer using VANITEE as well so I’m not certain. Now looking back at everything, I finally understood why Tiff is in such an impatient eager to checkout and secured her payment.

My husband who has been with me during the whole process, suggested lunch at a nearby shopping mall. We went to Katong 112. I visited the washroom and to my utmost dismay, I noticed something was wrong. My right eyebrow was longer than the left ! and it was obvious 2 different colors were being used ! I quickly asked my husband if he saw the same. My husband only told me "YOU BETTER CONTACT TIFF NOW!"

I quickly called Tiff, and after hearing me ; she told me calmly to help her. TO SCRAP OFF THE HARDEN INK SECTION that was grossly extended, so hopefully it can recover the damage!

How on earth can a so-called certified beautician suggest such cruel methods ?! I warned Tiff I’ll not do that, as I wouldn't know what I’ll be expecting if I tampered the tender eyebrows at this wounded stage. Tiff then told me it's all good, because she can easily fix the unfortunate mistake with a touch-up after 28 days. Again I need to pay more monies, at my cost, to make up for her mistakes ?!

My husband and myself tried to calm ourselves, encouraging ourselves things might not be the worst yet. We should at least wait for my skin to complete the peeling process, so we are able to assess better, as we would be able to see the real colors being revealed.

Finally the peeling was completed, and I saw my eyebrows for the first time (1) Not only the extended length of my right eyebrow is a dismay (2) I actually had some reddish ink at the start tip of my eyebrow ! Although I had some old base color, but because my old shape is a much shorter length, it does not convinced me it was from my old base color, as Tiff had designed a longer eyebrow for me, and the red eyebrow tip has definitely surpassed the old length (3) My right eyebrow, although having a weird red tip, is a more pronounced and darker-colored eyebrow, whereas my left eyebrow was done in a more sketchy manner, with no defined arch, like the right, and the color is so light compared to my right.

My husband was quick to point out to me that during my visit with Tiff ; Tiff kept saying I should return for a touch-up for the completeness look.

Did Tiff then, like in many other ways of how she calculated and managed her profits, turned one side of my eyebrow into a living nightmare, so I would have no choice but to return for a paid service of touching-up ?!

To make matters even more painful : Vanitee didn't do much to alleviate my stress. They claimed they'll refund 80% of my credit card payment. I paid
S$158 with my credit card, S$95 cash on arrival. Vanitee said they cannot recovered whatever side cash that I've paid. So 80% refund = S$126. Which just means Tiff gets to pocket the extra cash of S$95 she made me pay FOR FREE. I don't even know how to turn up for work now! Although Tiff offered a free touch-up service for me : put yourselves in my shoes, would you still dare to go?!"

- Pearl, 25 Jul 2018

Micro-Blading Embroidery

"Very friendly and patient, and helpfully explained the process and aftercare. Super cute dog as well."

- Grace, 19 Jul 2018

Micro-Blading Embroidery

- Jolyn, 19 Jul 2018

Micro-Blading Embroidery

"Tiffany was really polite. The procedure was relatively painless and environment was nice. Only thing was that I had to top up for aftercare gel and that the initial touch up is also not included"

- Jean, 13 Jul 2018

Eyeliner Embroidery

"Natural looking, just like I asked for."

- Amelia, 07 Jul 2018

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