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Single eye lash removal

Mix of volume extensions and single strand for a soft yet fluffy look.

Cluster extensions removal P/s: I do not do clusters

Touch up at $30-$40 if more than 50% of extensions remaining otherwise chargeable. $30 for silk, $35 mink, $40 cashmere ...

Cashmere flat eyelash extensions Strand by strand New technology with a hollow base to adhere to your lashes better all ...

Single strand eyelash extension 0. 15mm in thickness Unlimited lash Available curls: C, D, L, L+

April Promo for first timers (new customers) Classic strand by strand eyelash extension Unlimited lash C, D, L, L+ curl ...

Cashmere flat April promo Only first new customers Unlimited lash C curl

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Cashmere Flat Eyelash Extensions (SGD 90)


23 Dec 2016


Eunos | 1 bookings

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